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Learn About
Complete Oral Exams

Learn About
Complete Oral Exams

Complete Oral Exams

Your Comprehensive Oral Dental Exam at Natick Dental Health

Stepping into a dental office can sometimes bring with it a sense of uncertainty—particularly if you’re not quite sure what to expect during your first dental visit. At Natick Dental Health, we want to be well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. 

So, what can you anticipate during an oral dental exam with us?  Read on to get all your questions answered.

What Does an Oral Dental Exam Involve?

Your oral health is a window to your overall well-being. A comprehensive oral dental exam is not just about looking for cavities; it’s a holistic assessment of your dental health and its potential impact on your general health.

During your first visit and subsequent check-ups, here’s what our dedicated dental team, comprising both a dentist and a dental hygienist, will perform:

  1. Diagnostic X-rays: The first step is for us to take a set of X-rays to help detect spots of decay, tumors, cysts, or bone loss that might not be visible during a visual exam. It will also give us insights into tooth and root positioning, ensuring there are no underlying issues.
  2. Oral Cancer Screening: Your well-being is our utmost priority so during this screening, we carefully inspect your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any abnormal changes or signs indicative of oral cancer.
  3. Gum Disease Evaluation: Healthy gums are the bedrock of a healthy smile. Here we examine the state of your gums and the bone around your teeth to detect any early signs of periodontal disease.
  4. Tooth Decay Inspection: Using our specialized dental tools, we meticulously check every tooth surface for decay or any potential issues.
  5. Assessment of Existing Restorations: Already have dental work done? We’ll inspect the condition and stability of your current fillings, crowns, bridges, and other restorations to ensure they still serve you well.

Top 5 Questions About Your Exam:

  1. How often should I get an oral dental exam?
    • Typically, we recommend having an exam every six months, but this can vary based on individual needs.  Plus, it’s always good to see you!  
  2. How long does the exam take?
    • On average, a comprehensive oral dental exam lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. Will the exam be painful?
    • No, the exam is non-invasive and painless. If any discomfort arises, our team is here to address it immediately.
  4. Why do I need an exam if I’m not experiencing any dental problems?
    • Our regular preventive exams help us identify potential issues before they become more significant (and often more costly) problems.  We want to make sure there’s nothing on the horizon that might develop into a more complicated procedure.

Why Choose Natick Dental Health?

It’s essential to know that you’re in capable, caring hands. Our team at Natick Dental Health is not just equipped with the latest in dental technology and best practices, but also we are committed to your overall health and comfort. 

From the moment you step through our doors to the time you leave, our goal is to make sure you’re informed, relaxed, and confident in the care you’re receiving.

Are you ready to prioritize your dental health? Schedule an appointment with us and embark on a journey to optimum oral health. At Natick Dental Health, your smile is our mission.

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